n. & v.
—n. (pl. feet)
1 a the lower extremity of the leg below the ankle. b the part of a sock etc. covering the foot.
2 a the lower or lowest part of anything, e.g. a mountain, a page, stairs, etc. b the lower end of a table. c the end of a bed where the user's feet normally rest.
3 the base, often projecting, of anything extending vertically.
4 a step, pace, or tread; a manner of walking (fleet of foot).
5 (pl. feet or foot) a unit of linear measure equal to 12 inches (30.48 cm).
6 Prosody a a group of syllables (one usu. stressed) constituting a metrical unit. b a similar unit of speech etc.
7 Brit. hist. infantry (a regiment of foot).
8 Zool. the locomotive or adhesive organ of invertebrates.
9 Bot. the part by which a petal is attached.
10 a device on a sewing-machine for holding the material steady as it is sewn.
11 (pl. foots) a dregs; oil refuse. b coarse sugar.
1 (usu. as foot it) a traverse (esp. a long distance) by foot. b dance.
2 pay (a bill, esp. one considered large).
Phrases and idioms:
at a person's feet as a person's disciple or subject. feet of clay a fundamental weakness in a person otherwise revered. foot-and-mouth disease a contagious viral disease of cattle etc. foot-fault (in lawn tennis) incorrect placement of the feet while serving. foot-pound the amount of energy required to raise
1 lb.
a distance of
1 foot. foot-pound-second system a system of measurement with these as basic units. foot-rot a bacterial disease of the feet in sheep and cattle. foot-rule a ruler 1 foot long. foot-soldier a soldier who fights on foot. get one's feet wet begin to participate. have one's (or both) feet on the ground be practical. have a foot in the door have a prospect of success. have one foot in the grave be near death or very old. my foot! int. expressing strong contradiction. not put a foot wrong make no mistakes. off one's feet so as to be unable to stand, or in a state compared with this (was rushed off my feet). on foot walking, not riding etc. put one's best foot forward make every effort; proceed with determination. put one's feet up colloq. take a rest.
put one's foot down colloq.
1 be firmly insistent or repressive.
2 accelerate a motor vehicle. put one's foot in it colloq. commit a blunder or indiscretion. set foot on (or in) enter; go into. set on foot put (an action, process, etc.) in motion. under one's feet in the way. under foot on the ground.
footed adj. (also in comb.). footless adj.
Etymology: OE fot f. Gmc

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

, (in brutes), (a stocking, boot, etc.), / , , , (figures), / , , , , (a bill of expenses) / ,

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